App Doctor


– Branding
– App UX & UI Design
– Native iOS & Android Development
– Custom Node.js CMS


The App Doctor concept was created from a Medical Examination and History Notes blog, by Harley Street GP – Dr Hussain Al-Hashimi. The main aim of the project was to create a modern and digestible way for medical students to revise.


With this app being a new concept, the deliverables covered everything from logo conception and branding to the native iOS and Android apps. We powered these apps using a completely custom built Content Management System for ease of use by the client.

About App Doctor

App Doctor gives medical students revision material at a 2.1 standard, including both medical examinations and history notes.

Created by Harley Street GP – Hussain Al-Hashimi, who is also a teaching Doctor at UCL.

It allows users to practice and recite all dialogue throughout the examinations in both a standard and in-detail way.

The examinations include: Abdominal, Cardiovascular, Hip, Knee, Respiratory, Spine and more. This is alongside an extensive list of History Notes ranging from Ankle Swelling to Chest Pain and Ophthalmology History.

Key features

  1. The custom built CMS, allows the client to easily update the app and add new content as and when is required. We completely simplified this to ensure that the client would only see the elements that would need to be updated.
  2. App Doctor also uses engaging conversation/script loading and colour coding to ensure the medical students using these examinations are able to memorise these in the best possible way.
  3. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for users to find and search for the content they require. So we added a list and a visual body part selection, along with search and examination and history note pages within the left navigation.

Download App Doctor - Medical Revision

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