– Branding
– UX Design
– UI Design
– Frontend iOS App Development
– Backend CMS Development
– Motion Graphics


Fixd. is a concept that encourages the boost of motivation within the workplace. Taking the user out of their comfort zone, in order to complete tasks that will build to the end goal.


With this being a completely new concept, we created everything from a custom logo concept – including logo font, to branding, user experience, user interface illustrations, custom icons and motion graphics. The concept was built using the ionic framework for iOS.

About Fixd.

Fixd. and all ideas around Fixd. are owned by a leading communication and presentation skills training company based in the City of London. They work with some of the biggest corporations in the world; including Sony, Mastercard, Lloyds Bank and Burberry.

They have offices in London, New York and Hong Kong, offering a wide global reach when helping corporations with communication and motivational training. Fixd. is the new concept they are working on, with the eventual aim to bring this to market.

Key features

For confidentiality reasons we can’t disclose the key features or how the concept works and interacts with it’s users.

We hope you understand!

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