New Project Questionnaire

Step 1..

  • 1. What is the business Mission & Vision?
  • 2. Could you name your primary competition (if any)?
  • 3. What problem is your website supposed to solve?
  • 4. What problems do you experience with the existing website?

Step 2..

  • 5. What are the main challenges you expect from the new website (if any)?
  • 6. What problem(s) do you solve for your target customer?
  • 7. What is your customer looking for in your product?
  • 8. What are the main things the website visitors should know about your product, once on the website?

Step 3..

  • 9. How do you see the interaction of the customer with the website? I.e What journey should they take?
  • 10. s your team ready to manage content on the website? If so, what would you like to be
  • 11. Do you require Hosting & Website Support?

Thank you, all done! We will reply to you soon.

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